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About the Lancaster Payment Portal

This facility allows students, parents, staff or sponsors to pay tuition and/or accommodation fees along with many other items online.

All fees will have been notified to students by the appropriate University authority. Please ensure you have these details and an Identifier, where appropriate, to hand before entering the payment portal.

You can be confident that your personal details are safe with our payment pathways. All website transactions are secure and encrypted to offer you secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.

The following methods of payment are accepted through the Payment Portal:

Pay with Bank Transfer

Send a payment from a UK bank account using your own banking app on your phone, tablet or PC.

Lancaster University has partnered with American Express to allow students, their families or sponsors the opportunity to securely pay tuition and/or accommodation fees directly from their UK bank account without the need for a card.

How it works:
Click 'Bank transfer' in the payment options and select your preferred UK bank, you'll then be securely redirected to your bank’s app or web page where you'll be asked to authenticate as you normally would and approve the pre-filled transfer details – that's it!

Benefits of paying this way:

  • Make a payment directly from your bank account, no debit card required.
  • See your account balance before making the payment.
  • Securely transfer funds within the banking system.
  • Students who have recently moved to the UK don’t have to wait for a debit card to be issued.

Further information available:

Debit or Credit Card

Make a payment using your debit or credit card.

Lancaster University’s Payment Portal allows students, their families or sponsors the opportunity to securely pay tuition and/or accommodation fees from any of the following card brands:

Maestro Card Users Note: Currently we only accept UK Maestro cards.

International Bank Transfer & Online Payment Options

Send a payment from an international bank account or other international method.

Lancaster University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to allow students, their families or sponsors the opportunity to securely pay tuition and/or accommodation fees in their local currency.

How it works:
Select the country you are paying from and what you are paying for and you will be offered an instant quote in your local currency. If you choose to proceed, complete the required student and payer fields as requested. If selecting to pay via bank transfer, you will receive instructions on how to complete payment online or at your local bank branch in your local currency, which will then be transferred in full to the University. Other payment options will have instructions on screen if available. Western Union Business Solutions will then forward a sterling payment on to the University and send you a confirmation email to confirm the payment has been sent.

Benefits of paying this way:

  • Make a payment in the currency of your choice.
  • A guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 72 hours in which to make the transfer.
  • You can track your payment status through every step.
  • No hidden charges or bank fees.
  • Secure and quick way to make a transfer ensuring that the University receives full payment promptly.
  • Platform translated in 7 languages: English, French, Korean, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

Please note: that upon obtaining a quote from Western Union Business Solutions, you are under no obligation to proceed with the payment.

Further information available:

Student Video Links:

Contact WU® GlobalPay for Students directly:

Other Payment Methods

Lancaster University’s preferred method of payment is via our Payment Portal but we realise this isn’t always possible. Other payment methods available are as follows:

Bank Transfer

The University’s bank account details are as follows:

Barclays Bank
Barclays Business Centre
PO Box 357
51 Mosley Street
M60 2AU
Account Name Lancaster University
Bank Sort Code 20-55-34
Account Number 40981516
IBAN GB 74 BARC 2055 3440 9815 16

Please put your Identifier number (also known as library card number) at the start of the reference followed by the student name, to ensure that the funds can be allocated to the correct account on receipt of payment.

Please note when sending payments directly into the University’s bank account, it can take up to 5 working days for the payment to be reflected on the student’s record.